Frank Watson

Soundings from the Estuary

The Soundings From the Estuary project observes the way specific English landscapes evolve, shaped by political, socio-economic and environmental conditions. The photographs represent a series of walks along the Thames Estuary, occurring in all seasons and at sporadic times over a seven-year period. Photographs can evoke the way time is experienced, be it capturing the moment or recalling the past. These images reflect the decline of the River Thames and its maritime and industrial importance to the city of London, towards its present status as a marginalised and contested terrain.


Frank Watson’s latest project, Rollercoasting explores the Kent coast as a frontier between England and Europe. The coastline fluctuates between the flatlands of Thanet and Dungeness and the undulating chalk hills and cliffs of the North Downs.

The photographs allude to the way certain sites are historically respected whilst other places remain quiet and overlooked. The images attempt to portray a coastline that is shaped by both respect and contempt, where the natural and the industrial are often at odds with one another.

A book of the project is due out in Spring 2022.

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