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Californai Beaches & Westo Coast Exhibition returns to Albumen Gallery

11 June 2015

'California Beaches & West Coast Impressions' exhibition returns to Albumen Gallery

Matthias Frei's exhibition 'California Beaches & West Coast Impressions' last seen in March this year generated a lot of interest. We decided to bring the exhibition back for a second run. 

Albumen Gallery's presence at Photo London, the successful inaugural major photo fair at Somerset House was a good opportunity to catch up with Matthias. He talked to us about his work and the exhibition. Watch the full interview

MF exhibition announcement

09 March 2015

Matthias Frei Exhibition

We are pleased to announce 

California Beaches & West Coast Impressions

Matthias Frei

Matthias Frei is a neo-impressionist photographer. In his photographs, he uses light to foremost induce the mood and feeling of the scene as it presents itself to an actual witness of the moment. He moves between the genres of street, portrait and environment, always looking for this light, sometimes in addition to story and a strong composition, using a black and white (monochrome) Leica camera only.


Matthias Frei grew up in Switzerland and the United States and is closely related to the Leica Photo community.


Albumen Gallery presents a collection of landscape and street photography from recent projects in California. 


The online exhibition  will run until March 31st.

07 01 15

07 January 2015

Giulio Magnific's Syria & Iraq Project

In 2014 Giulio travelled to Syria, Iraq and the Turkish border region that has been affected by the conflicts in the neighbouring countries. Not shying away from danger zones Giulio's photos explore the difficult circumstances under which people try to maintain a degree of normality in their life coping with desolate makeshift homes often in refugee camps. And yet, despite the utmost adversity into which their lives are thrown Giulio’s images capture a remarkable resilience and unbowed dignity. Click here to go to the photos.

23 01 14

23 January 2015

William Stewart Exhibition

With William Stewart's exhibition 'Flowers by Night, Singapore' we are launching Albumen Gallery's new online exhibition programme. 

Online exhibitions will be a regular feature extending the gallery programme. 

Flowers by Night, Singapore started as a project during a stay in the city. Struck by the abundance of nature in the city not only in parks and garden areas William was drawn to exploring that aspect of life in the city state. "There is a sense in Singapore that the natural jungle is tamed, managed and present throughout alongside the streets, shops, buildings and pavements of a bustling city." 

Public parks are open well into the night when plants - often
well lit - draw you into their own magic world.

The exhibition will run until  February 27th.  During the exhibition gycleé prints (12" x 8" / 12" x 9") can be ordered for a special exhibition promotion price of  £ 80.  

Conor Beary - York HAll

Conor Beary - York Hall Photo Essay

With a long standing tradition in Boxing York Hall in Bethnal Green is considered by some as the home of British Boxing. In a rare opportunity Conor Beary was given unlimited access to York Hall - ringside and changing rooms. The project resulted in an impressive photo essay on boxing. The uncompromising rawness of Conor's images draws you into the passion, brutality and male pride that characterise the sport. Click here to go to the photos

28 11 14 / William Stewart

William Stewart talks about his work

During a recent visit to London we recorded a conversation with William talking about his photography. Follow the link to watch William talking about his photography.   
William Stewart Interview.

25 11 14 / William Stewart

William Stewart Collection

We are delighted that William Stewart has chosen Albumen Gallery as a partner for his photography work. 

Prints from the William Stewart collection are now available at Albumen Gallery.

William Stewart’s travels through Europe this year can be traced in an amazing photography calendar Europe in Yellow 2015. The calendar features one print for each month of the year.

As a special promotion we will supply a calendar with a retail value of £ 38.0 free of charge with any William Stewart print order until the end of December.

If you would like to find out more about the calendar email info(at) (Subject: William Stewart Calendar).

15 09 14

12 September 21014

Giulio Magnifico now at Albumen Gallery

It’s not everyday you come across a young photographer like Giulio Magnifico. At Albumen Gallery we are excited about the opportunity to work with Giulio.


Despite his age - he is only in his twenties - the Italian photographer is already a master of street photographer carrying on the tradition of venerable names like Gianni Berengo. 


Giulio Magnifico is a storyteller. His photos that have already attracted interest outside Italy tell stories of peoples' lives - lives that very often take place in the street.


Giulio Magnifico says about his photography: “When I see a face, a subject inside a scene … I must take a photo of it that can tell this story. Every expression, every light, every detail tells a story and I love to collect the soul of every person and of every scene.”


Giulio finds a lot of his “stories” on the streets of his native Udine. Often his protagonists are the losers and drop-outs of society whose sometimes harrowing life stories are engraved on their faces. 


Whilst his images are technically accomplished they often overflow with raw emotion. His ability to get close to his subjects in harsh and uninviting circumstances is amazing. It is as if they invite him into their lives. Maybe the person behind the camera also exudes something that his images convey. However uncompromising the portrayal might be it usually expresses at the same time a  strong and positive life affirmative sense.

02 09 14

25 August 2014

Robert Conrad

We are pleased to announce that Albumen Gallery is working with the German photographer Robert Conrad. If you are interested in purchasing Robert Conrad prints that are not exhibited on the gallery website contact us at info(at)

Robert Conrad's images tell a unique story bearing witness to key milestones of German history. In 1987 large scale building work was in progress on an area along Wilhelmstrasse in Berlin. By chance Robert Conrad discovered that he was able to access the underground Nazi Führerbunker below the building site. Wearing an overall and a hardhat blending in with the construction workers he smuggled his camera into the network of connected underground bunkers where the Nazi regime had met its end. 

Architecture and particularly abandoned and derelict buildings are a recurrent theme in Robert Conrad's work. Robert Conrad’s description of himself as Architecture Photographer is almost misleadingly modest. In his work buildings take on a quality of symbolic markers and milestones in cultural landscapes. Architecture is used as a prism through which he observes and reflects on the world around him and the past we leave behind. 

Whilst this is a central theme throughout his work it took on particular resonance around the time when the East German state was collapsing and change was happening at a rapid pace. Old structures were abandoned. What housed the "old" was no longer suitable or adequate. In times like that reflection can be seen as slowing down and inhibiting change. Robert Conrad makes it his business to arrest time for the brief moment he captures in his images to reflect on the abandoned structures that we leave behind.

25 07 14

25 July 2014

Special Summer Offer

We are celebrating the summer weather with an attractive special offer to our customers!

For a limited period you can buy two Colin Jones The Who prints or two The Black House prints for a preferential price of £ 900. This special offer is valid until August 31st 2014.