Pickup DriverSyrian Girl on the Svinge in Augusta

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Colin Jones
Sold & priced as whole series
Ed Eckstein
Sold & priced as whole series
Robert Conrad
Sold & priced as whole series
Jan Olofsson
Sold & priced as whole series

Welcome to Albumen Gallery

At Albumen Gallery you meet a variety 20th century and contemporary photographers. Some names will be familiar to you. Some you will discover for the first time here. But in addition to that Albumen Gallery offers a lot more:

• Extensive Exhibition Programme
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• Advisory Service

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The theme of this week's Albumen Gallery Instagram stream is 'Cityscapes'.  It's an interesting photographic genre. Whereas landscape photography was established against the rich historical background and often with reference to landscape painiting cityscapes represent more of aa photographic genre.   

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