Exhibition of recent works by Alireza Movahedi

The online exhibition ‘Cavity’, featuring recent works by Alireza Movahedi, opens at Albumen Gallery on February 1st. The Iranian photographer lives and works in Tehran. In his work Alireza Movahedi seeks to use the visual medium to address and reflect on fundamental existential questions of how we experience reality. His images are best described as psychological landscapes, which simultaneously deploy and deconstruct commonly shared symbols and tropes that form part of cultural history. Alireza Movahedi’s photography is both a result of and a creative response to the specific socio-political and cultural climate in Iran.  Contemporary Iranian photography is often described as ‘staged photography’ – a response to overbearing state control and censorship of social commentary expressed in documentary photography and images that are ’too realistic’. .Frequent use of photomontage techniques allow Movahedi to create digitally staged landscapes that explore the experience of an inner reality versus an objective outer reality. The discrepancy and irreconcilability of the two can cause anguish and pain.

Follow the link Cavity to enter the viewing room. For more information about the photographer follow the link Alireza Movahedi.

The exhibition will run until March 31st.