Noémie Baumann

Noémie is a French Fine Art photographer with roots in Italy, Estonia, and Ukraine who draws inspiration from the rich diversity of cultures that have shaped her identity. Growing up in Nice, she was surrounded by the colorful architecture of the French Riviera, her love for architecture has grown and continued to evolve as she traveled the world.

Her passion for analogue photography blossomed during her time at the Parsons School of Design in New York City, where she studied photography and honed her skills with a Hasselblad 500c. Over time, her focus shifted from black and white to color photography, and she became increasingly drawn to the curves found in nature and architecture.

Photography is a form of meditation for Noémie, a way to fully immerse herself in the present moment and capture a sense of calm and timelessness in her images. Having lived in several different cities across the globe, she is now based between Tunis and Nice — Home is where the Mediterranean is.

This is Water

Water has always held a special place in Noémie Baumann’s heart. It is her favourite element, and one that she finds endlessly fascinating and inspiring. In her ‘This is Water’ series she sets out to explore the many different facets of this magical substance, in all its forms and moods.

Water represents a sense of freedom, fluidity, and possibility. It is a symbol of life itself, constantly changing and evolving, yet always present and eternal. Through her photography, Noémie Baumann seeks to capture the essence of this element, whether it be in the form of gentle ripples on a still lake, the crashing waves of the ocean, or the frozen beauty of a winter landscape.

This was Water

Around 200 million years ago, a large part of Egypt and Northern Africa were immersed under water and part of the Tethys Sea. Today, one can walk among various fossils and even whale skeletons. Just like the petrified marine life imprinted on the rocks are a testimony of the passing of time – so is analogue photography.

This series is a reminder that nature — just like our life — is cyclical. It illustrates the irony and impossibility of trying to capture something as fleeting as time.

This is New York

When Noémie Baumann arrived New York City in 2010, she was captivated by the city’s vibrant energy and iconic architecture. Armed with my 35mm Canon film camera, she set out to explore the city’s streets. The sharp lines and strong shadows of the towering skyscrapers inspired her and she found herself drawn to the geometry of the city’s landscape.

Despite the city’s chaotic pace  wandering through the streets was a deeply calming experience; and the process of developing my photographs in the darkroom became a meditative practice for her.

What began as a simple exploration of analog photography soon became a journey of self-discovery, as Noémie Baumann used tge camera to capture the essence of the city and her place within it. Over the next five years, New York City became her home and  photographs are a visual diary of my time there.

This is the World

“Invitation to the Voyage” is a celebrated poem from Charles Baudelaire’s iconic 1857 collection, “The Flowers of Evil.” This lyrical work transports the reader to an imaginary realm of beauty, luxury, calm, and sensuality, a place where dreams and reality are intertwined.

Noémie Baumann seeks to capture this same sense of sensuality and beauty, using architecture as a visual metaphor for the female form. “Through the lens of my camera, I explore the ways in which buildings, like bodies, can be simultaneously strong and delicate, powerful and vulnerable. I am fascinated by the curves and lines of architecture, the play of light and shadow on its surfaces, and the ways in which it interacts with the world around it.”

This series is about more than just the beauty of individual buildings; it is about the ways in which architecture can evoke emotion, transport us to other worlds, and connect us to our own sensuality and desire.

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