Javier Molina

Javier Molina’s photography covers a range of styles and thematic approaches. But he regularly returns to Landscape photography fascinated by the transient nature in which landscape affects us – both reflecting and setting moods.

Calla Lilies

Kimsa Cruz

Commenting on his ‘Kimsa Cruz’ series Javier Molina says:  “Not long ago when returning to the country of my birth I decided to visit the lands where my grandparents’ properties were located: Cairoma and Araca, south of the city of La Paz .
The stories I heard as a child of long journeys my mother, her brothers and sisters undertook as small children, travelling on baskets either side of mules through mountains, fertile valleys, high altitude planes and multi coloured lakes, on narrow paths, through wind swept canyons so windy that often the pack mules would be pushed to the precipice below.  As adults my father and uncles rode horses whenever visiting their lands. They journeyed from west to east, following the valley. My journey was from east to west. These childhood images have stayed with me and I have travelled in my imaginations with the images in this collection.”


Lockdown Landscapes

Restrictions and circumstance gave rise to Javier Molina’s ongoing project ‘Lockdown Landscapes’. All lockdown landscape photos were take from windows at the same address. The photographer’s creative response to the restrictions experienced this year is to use the camera to transcend the confined space of lockdown.

Ephemeral Passion

Landscapes & Seascapes

Bolivian Salt Flats

Javier Molina’s  Uyuni Salt Flats are at the same time restraint  and dramatic, which lends his landscape photography a unique character.

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