Alistair Guy

Alistair Guy has been at the centre of London’s fashion scene for nearly two decades, producing portraiture for the likes of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

‘Incidentals’ takes his photography in a new direction. Inspired by travelling on cruise ships “Incidentals’ offers a very different take on the notion of travelling the world aboard a luxury ocean liner. Cruises are commonly associated with qualities of grand and sweeping movements, large vistas and horizons.

As a counterpoint Alistair Guy directs the traveller’s gaze to overlooked details he observes, capturing incidental moments, looking for the  ephemeral and trivial.

Alistair Guys photos enter a vibrant dialogue with the wider context/setting of the cruise. Moving between the detail and the large canvass of the cruise context in which they are exhibited  they offer a dynamic reflective  – and the same time refreshing – experience.

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