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London Art Fair Panel discussion

Albumen Gallery hosts panel discussion at London Art Fair

Photography x Social Media: Is Instagram going to kill bricks and mortar galleries? was the topic for a panel discussion at the London Art Fair 2018.  The panel chaired by Stephan Schmid, Director of Albumen Gallery included Emma Blau, photographic artist & curator; Giacomo Brunelli, Photographer; Brandei Estes, Photography Director, Sothebys’ and  Augusta Edwards, Director at Augusta Edwards fine Art.


Instagram increasingly plays a significant part in in the eco-system of photography galleries impacting on photographers, galleries, auction houses and collectors. Does Instagram’s easy access and wide reach have a democratising effect, thereby threatening traditional hierarchies and privileges or does the preferred social media platform of the art word offer benefits all stakeholders alike? 


You can listen to a recording of the discussion by following the link recording.







RC New Prints

18 October 2017

Albumen Gallery acquires 40 Robert Conrad prints

Adding to the Albumen Gallery collection of Robert Conrad prints we have recently acquired a set of 40 more prints from the photographer.

The photos mostly cover the period of the dying years of the GDR and the time shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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