Emilio Zertuche

The Mexican photographer Emilio Zertuche combines commercial work with his own artistic projects. He taught photography at the  Universidad Autonoma del Noreste.  His writings on photogrpahy have been widely published in magazines. In his own work Emilio is particularly interested in local traditions, crafts and legends coupled with a concern for ecology, conservation of natural resources and survival. His work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Mexico and Europe – Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin and Milan. 

Culto a la Muerte

The Day of the Dead is a festival in the Mexican calendar. Loosely corresponding with  the All Saints Day in European Christian culture the ancient tradition of  The Day of the Dead  is commonly celebrated over the first two November days.

The exuberant nature of popular Day of the Dead traditions and practises naturally attracts the interest of visual artists . Emilio Zeruche’s series of photographs ‘Culto a la Muerte’  explores the spiritual and other-worldly aspects of the tradition through the deployment of photomontage and collage techniques.

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